St. Charles Republican Central Committee playing fast and loose with funds?

jon bennettTrouble is brewing within the ranks of the St. Charles County Central Committee and it’s all about the money. On Thursday evening, during their monthly meeting, the Committee voted in a swift, and some think hasty, decision to transfer more … Continue reading

Missouri Healthcare Must be a Product by, of and for its People and Our Self Governance

Guest commentary by Dr. Helen Gelhot

People worldwide have long sought US health care. Under the likes of ObamaCare – centralized healthcare (CHC), many US doctors are leaving our profession rather than deal with regulation onslaught.

To maintain CHC expenses, with the rolls adding 10-20M more patients, … Continue reading

Sign A Witness Form!!! Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 2/12/14

Tonight, on Culture Vigilante, on Missouri Grassroots Radio, we heard how the police are militarizing against citizens. Thanks to Jackie Walker and Marc Messmer for enlightening us on all the issue related to this overreach of power.

Tomorrow, there is a hearing at 8:00 a.m. in room 4, in the … Continue reading

Republican Congressman Blaine Leutkemeyer Joins GOP Battle Against Tea Party

Can we officially conclude the establishment Republican Party has declared war on the Tea Party? Evidence is pointing that way, and Missouri Congressman, Blaine Leutkemeyer, is the latest to take a shot, not across the bow of, but directly into the hull of several Tea Party organizations.

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Can A Nation Fight Socialized Healthcare With A “Hindsight Is 20/20? Philosophy?

As the Obamacare Glitch-Gate unfolds, stories about all aspects of the failed socialized healthcare system saturate the media. And, as the debacle begins to touch the lives of Americans, in a personal way, the red flags are punctuated by the unfolding realities of the lies and … Continue reading

Breaking The Code Is The Key To Breaking Obamacare

Breaking_the_Code-320x240Parliamentary procedure may outline Congressional floor operation, but in politics, there is a difference between following protocol and following code. While some may find fault with Ted Cruz for going on a rogue filibuster to throw a wrench in the works … Continue reading

In spite of urgent pleas from House Republicans, Blunt supports cloture

House Republican have thrown down the gauntlet, where Obamacare is concerned. They are calling on their Republican counterparts, in the senate, to vote no on cloture, today.

On Thursday, 21 House Republicans sent a letter to all 46 Republicans, in the senate, strongly urging them to vote no on cloture … Continue reading

Homeschooling Swims Against The Conformist Current (And That’s A Good Thing)

OSMGIKLh6Lgl-320x240As I was filtering through my Facebook feed, I noticed a posting from my good friend, Dr. Brian Ray, of the National Home Education Research Institute (NEHRI). I often share his posts because they always reflect the reality … Continue reading